Storm Protection

To protect your home during hurricane season we offer The Eyewall Armor Corrugated Hurricane Panels system. We start by drilling in the mounting bolts either above and below each window or to either side of it depending. We test hang them and neatly stack them for you in your place of choosing. Then we provide you with everything needed to quickly and easily hang the panels when a storm is approaching. Including a drill bit attachment for quickly screwing in the wing-nuts and a diagram clearly showing what panel goes to which window. We offer 3 types of corrugated panel. From least to most expensive: .023″ (24 gauge) Galvanized Steel, .060″ Aluminum, and finally, Clear Polycarbonate. All panels are tested for the large 9-lb 2″ x4″ missile impact from windborne debris in accordance with the ASTM E1886/E1996 protocols. The most rigid in the world.

Installed Storm Panels

The galvanized steel is the most economical option. It is also the heaviest panel though. Both Steel and Aluminum are resistant to rust and corrosion. They also both block the incoming light through the window when installed. Resulting in a room with no natural light. Which is why we also offer Clear Polycarbonate panels. Just as strong as the Steel or Aluminum, meeting the same safety standards. But allows for light to come in the windows while waiting out the storm. Which is important with how often electricity goes out during a hurricane. There is always a downside though, and for Clear Polycarbonate that is in the price. They are nearly double the price of the Steel and about 60% more than Aluminum. The way we often recommend compensating for this is to do 1 clear panel in each window or the most important rooms you’ll spend your time in during the storm. This will allow light to still come in and keep the same amount of protection with only a slight increase in price.

Clear Polycarbonate Panel

Clear Polycarbonate Panel

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