Porch Ceilings

Stringer Board Ceiling (before)

(Before) Wood Stringer to support ceiling

If you’re having issues with your porch’s ceiling; we can offer a Solid Vinyl Ceiling to protect your porch. Most commonly folks use Vinyl as an alternative to a drywall ceiling. With the humidity in Florida, drywall ceiling often has issues with their taped seams coming lose. This leads to a mess. In this scenario; we would come in and run 1×3 Stringer boards over the drywall every 2 foot on center. Nailing into the rafters, to suck up the drywall and provide a firm nailing surface for our vinyl. Then the vinyl is installed directly over these wood stringer boards. This provides an easy to clean, maintain and long-lasting exterior ceiling. It’ll never dent, scratch or require painting. We can almost always install a ceiling without any visible seams.

Stringer Board Ceiling (after)

(After) Beaded Vinyl Ceiling

While we generally use your standard solid vinyl soffit with no-perforation. We can also get a Vinyl Beaded material. This imitates the look of a country style bead board. While it is almost double the price of a standard Vinyl Ceiling, it does provide a unique look with all the benefits of vinyl.

Beaded Vinyl Ceiling

Beaded Vinyl Ceiling

Often times with porch ceilings there’s also a beam and/or post to be covered. We can offer a couple options here. We can generally cap the beam and posts in an aluminum coil. Providing protection from the elements and an easy to clean surface. Though, when the beam begins to get over 12″ tall or so we often recommended installing a Vertical, Solid Vinyl Beam Soffit. This is the same material we use on the ceiling (allowing us to line up the grooves of the material so it’s flows from ceiling to beam) just ran in a vertical position on the interior of the beam. This will tie everything together seamlessly.

Solid Vinyl Beam Soffit

Solid Vinyl Beam Soffit

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