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We can help you with just about all your Screening needs. We can start by pouring a Concrete Slab or Concrete Footer if you don’t have one already. Or build a screen room on an existing slab. Tear down and replace your Pool Cage or just a simple rescreening of your existing porch? Install Windows into your existing Screen Room and turn it into a livable Florida Room? We can do it all. Even if you don’t want screen and just want a Patio Cover Roof. No problem. You’ll just need a property survey and HOA approval (if applicable) to build any Screen Room off the footprint of your house.

Screen Room with Pan Roof

Screen Room with Insulated Roof

For your standard screen rooms there’s generally 2 roof styles to choose from. The most common choice is a 3″ Insulated Roof. This is a 3″ piece of Styrofoam glued between 2 sheets of aluminum. Allowing up to a 15′ span and hidden fan beam options to install ceiling fans/lights seamlessly. It’s also much quieter during rain than the 3″ Pan Roof. This roof is capable of being walked on and supporting a couple of people. It is sealed by running a 4″ tar tape along the seams and caulking any screws. This roof also allows me to use 6″ Seamless House Gutter on my screen rooms. Which the biggest benefit is allowing aluminum Leafguard to be installed on a screen room. Which is rare with the standard Insulated Roof gutter.

Screened in Front Door

Screened in Front Entry

Your other, more economical option is a 3″ Pan Roof. This roof can only span 13′ and has no fan beam options available. We would have to run a beam under the roof to support a fan. It is simply a piece of aluminum bent into a U shape and they locked together. Thus, the rain is much louder and it provides no protection from heat transferring through the metal like the Insulated Roof. It also does not allow for Leafguard on the Roll-Form Gutter system and cannot support someone walking on top of it. But, it’s about half the price as the Insulated Roof. And sometimes is all you need depending on your situation.

pan roof

Insulated Roof Patio Cover on Posts/Beam

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