Soffit & Fascia

We install both vinyl and aluminum soffit. Vinyl is the modern standard and our recommendation. As it does not dent, scratch, corrode nor is it painted, but dyed. Vinyl is also easier to clean and maintain. The fascia is always aluminum as vinyl fascia wouldn’t hold up well long term. Soffit/Fascia will protect your fascia board and eves from the weather. Once we install it, you’ll never have issues with critters in your attic, wood rot or painting again. While vinyl is our preferred material, aluminum is still available, if that’s your preference. Available in both a vented/perforated and solid type. We can remove your existing and replace it. Go over old wood soffit, do a first-time installation on new construction or do a minor patch up repair for you. Wood soffit is the only type we do not work on.

Vented Vinyl Soffit & Aluminum Fascia

While we provide a 2-year warranty on labor; we’re confident our soffit will never come down. We attach the J-Channel to the wall with nylon anchors after drilling a hole. Or 1″ screws if it’s a wood house. A lot of guys still hang their J-Channel from lathe sticks. Imagine a ruler sized piece of wood, with a staple shot through it. This is responsible for the vast majority of soffit repairs we do.


The Wrong Way: Wood Lathe


How We Do It: Nylon Anchors

With the modern wind speed code; we are required to run a 1×3 wood stringer down the center of the soffit every 12″ on center. This is to allow for a screw to be placed in the center of the soffit piece to prevent sagging and sucking upwards in negative pressure situations. Code also requires us to put a 1×2 wood board above the J-channel on the wall. Your home may also have an old school style of fascia with a 1×2 under the drip edge to build out where the water drips off the roof. This allows the water to not drip onto the wood fascia, in theory, preventing wood rot. In these situations, we would add a 1×4 to the fascia board to build it plumb. This allows us to use pre-bent Fascia and makes installing gutter easier while also providing a more modern look and feel.

Wood Stringer

Vinyl Soffit with Exterior Remodel



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