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Our prefernce for soffit is vinyl.  It's very durable, doesn't dent, won't corrode, and is more modern.  In additon to the quality of vinyl over aluminum, the installation method is better. 

Aluminum is typically installed using little wood stick (imagine a piece of ruler) hanging from your trusses.  The channel that holds your soffit up is then stapled to the thin bottom of this stick.  Most of what came down in the hurricanes and even in high winds is soffit installed using this method.  The channel used to hold the soffit up is most often shot right through with the staple gun because the installers have the air pressure to high.  With only a thin piece of aluminum left and with a good gust of wind, it pulls it right down.  Also the staples that are used aren't stainless steal and rust through over time.  Fasteners are one of the most important parts of an install.  However ones that last the longest cost the most and there are those out there that simply don't care to spend the extra.  Everything we use is either stainless steal, nylon, or aluminum.  It doesn't rust over time.

You can click on the image to the right. This is an example of soffit that was installed using wood sticks.  It came down in the wind.  The houses are only a couple of years old.  However, it's a common problem of installers who use this method to shoot the staple right through the aluminum channel.  Most installers use this method.  It's easier and cheaper but you won't catch us installing this way.

--The wrong way to install soffit--
--The wrong way to install soffit--
Channel Attached with wood sticks (or used to be)
Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 - Example 4 - Example 5

Our soffit is installed using nylon anchors drilled into the wall every 24".  The pins in the anchors are made of stainless steal.  Our channel  is not going to come down in any kind of storm.  We even use this method when we install aluminum soffit if that's the material you prefer. 

We offer a lifetime warrenty on all of our soffit instalations.

There are several colors available to choose from. 
--The way we install soffit--
Channel Attached with Nylon Anchors

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