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Vinyl Siding Cleanup

Although vinyl siding will get dirty, like anything exposed to the atmosphere, a heavy rain will do wonders in cleaning it. Or, it's possible to wash it down with an ordinary garden hose. If neither rain nor hosing does a satisfactory job, follow these simple instructions:

                      1. Use an ordinary, long-handled car washing brush. This brush has soft bristles, and the handle fastens onto the end of the hose. It allows the siding to be washed just like a car. Avoid using stiff bristle brushes or abrasive cleaners, which may change the gloss of the cleaned area and cause the siding to look spotty.

                      2. To remove soot and grime found in industrial areas, wipe down the siding with a solution made up of the following:

                                 - 1/3 cup powdered detergent (e.g., Tide®, or equivalent powder detergent)*

                                 - 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner (e.g., Spic & Span®, or equivalent)*

                                 - 1 gallon water.

                      3. If mildew is a problem, use the solution previously mentioned, but add 1 quart liquid laundry bleach.

                      4. When washing down your entire house, start at the bottom and work up to the top in order to prevent streaking.


  For stubborn stains, refer to the Stain Cleaners chart below.

Stain Cleaners

                                Bubble Gum: Fantastic®, Murphy's Oil Soap®, or solution of vinegar (30 percent) and water (70 percent)

                                Crayon: Lestoil® DAP (Oil-based caulk) Fantastic®

                                Felt-tip Pen: Fantastic® or water-based cleaners

                                Grass: Fantastic®, Lysol®, Murphy's Oil Soap®, or Windex®

                                Lipstick: Fantastic® or Murphy's Oil Soap®

                                Lithium Grease: Fantastic®, Lestoil®, Murphy's Oil Soap®, or Windex®

                                Mold and Mildew: Fantastic® or solution of vinegar (30 percent) and water (70 percent)

                                Motor Oil: Fantastic®, Lysol®, Murphy's Oil Soap®, or Windex® Oil Soft Scrub® Paint Brillo® Pad or Soft Scrub®

                                Pencil: Soft Scrub®

                                Rust: Fantastic®, Murphy's Oil Soap®, or Windex®

                                Tar: Soft Scrub®

                                Top Soil: Fantastic®, Lestoil®, or Murphy's Oil Soap®


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