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Screen Rooms
Screen rooms make a nice addition to any home.  There are several types of options when it comes frame colors, screen and roof type.  These type of rooms start at around $1,000.00.  To give you an idea of pricing a typical 10'X20' screen room with a pan roof, built on your slab would be $1,750.00-$1,999.00.  This includes all material, engineering, permits, gutter, 1 door, kickplate, phifer screen.  The price varies as most rooms have 3 walls but as you see in the picture to the right sometimes they only have 2 walls.  Another factor is how we attach the roof.  It's nicer and stronger to attach to the wall.  However you have to have the height to be able to do this.  If you don't have height we can attach to the fascia.  This would be another circumstance that would save money as the roof would be less square footage billed. 

Insulate roof now qualify for Energy Star rebate up to $1,500 - More Details
Screen Room

Pool Cages
pool Whether you have a pool or a patio that you need screened in, we can do it.  We buy our aluminum product direct from the manufacture.  Our enclosure are engineered and build to withstand Florida's high winds and harsh weather.  We use industry standard 6005 aluminum alloy in of our construction projects.

Carports & Patio Covers
An aluminum pan roof carport is a great way to protect your vehicle.  We also install them in the back of the house when a nice solid shaded area is needed without screening.  When they're in the back they're called patio covers.  If you want to screen a patio cover in the future it isn't a problem. carport

Vinyl, Acrylic, & Glass Rooms Screen Inserts
Windows are an easy and affordable addition to any screen enclosure.  Vinyl are going to be the cheapest with glass and acrylic being most expensive.  With glass there is more criteria to meet when it comes to permitting.   
Acrylic Room
A screen insert is basically when you already have the roof and only need an opening screened.  This is very affordable with an average 20 linear foot of walls running $500-$600.  The insert below is shown with 16" kickplate and a chair-rail.

Rescreening Garage Sliders
We can rescreen any Garage Slider, Screen Room, Pool Cage, and most screen doors.  However we are not currently set up to do house window screens. 
We only use Phifer screen.  The Florida sun can be rough on screen and Phifer is designed to last. 

There's screen out there that's half the price.  However due to the lack of UV protection is can dry and rip with a couple of years.
Garage sliders are a quick and simple way to screen off your garage while still allowing vehicle access to it.
Garage Slider 

Framing Options

The size of the aluminum posts and beams and spans of the opening are determined by current building code and the raised seal engineering we use for permitting.  On a typical screen room with a solid roof the room would likely be 1" X 3" and 2" X 3" aluminum construction.

However, you do have a couple of options.  One being color.  The aluminum is available in bronze and white.  The kickplate is available in 16" and  24".  Almost every room has 1 or 2 - 36" X 80" doors.  However you could have a double door allowing a 6 foot opening for taking larger objects in and out.  Something else that's becoming common is using 2 track sliders.  Simular to the 4 track sliders you might have seen installed on garages.  It's a good option if a larger opening is needed but also because the doors slide left and right instead of opening out.  This could help avoid objects in the area of the door.  Sometimes the ground rises and an outward swinging door would hit it.  A slider is a good options in akward situations

Screen Room 
A 12' X 42' Room - 2009
Framing one out
Framing one out - 2006
Roof Options

There are two types of solid roofs shown below.  We could also build a room with a screen roof (refer to screening option to the right)

Pan roofs - are the least expensive.  The pans are 12" wide and whatever length we need them.  They can span approximatly 12' without a support beam.  The way they lock together requires no sealant at the seams.  It's definetly an atvantage to know the seams will never need resealing.

All of our roofs include guttering and downspouts.  Remember with pan roofs you can't walk on them.  They will probably hold you but will bend and leak.

Insulated Roofs - We use Elite 3" Insulated Roof Panels.  There are a few things that make them better than a pan roof. 

1.  3" of foam insulation keep the heat down as well as the noise during a rain.
2.  They're also know as a walk-on roof.  You can walk on them to clean out the gutters.
3.  You can install a fan or light in them.  We can purchase them with "fan beams" that electrical wires can be concealed in, and fans fastened to.
insulated roof

Screen Options

We only use Phifer screen.  They carry a great warranty and hold up very well to the Florida sun. 


18-14 Screen - If you imagine a square 1" X 1", there are 18 holes one way and 14 the other.

20-20 Screen - imagine the same 1" X 1" square.  With 20-20 there are 20 holes each way.  More holes in that same square inch means the holes are smaller.  This keeps out no-seeums and knats that 18-14 screen doesn't

PetScreen - Vinyl-coated polyester makes PetScreen seven times stronger than traditional insect screening.

Privacy/Shade Screen  Comes in white and charcoil.  It's basically does what it says, creates privacy.  White is more private than charcoil.  It seems to reflect light better making it virtualy impossible to see in.  Allot depends on how dark it is in the room as well.  If a garage slider has privacy screen it's very difficult to see in because of 3 solid walls and a solid roof.  That same privacy screen in a pool cage is less private because 3 sides and the roof are screen allowing more light inside.

Fan Beam
Fan Beam in an 3" Insulated Roof

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